Our Health Insurance Bouquet

Taking into account the vastly heterogeneous health insurance needs & preferences of our numerous clients, we are proud to offer a comprehensive bouquet of widely diverse health insurance plans devised by top-notch health insurance companies like HDFC Ergo, Star Health Insurance, Tata AIG, and Care Health Insurance. Following are some of the most trusted and opted for health insurance plans that have been life-changing in all their sense for our clientele :

MY:Health Suraksha (HDFC Ergo)

This plan exhibits all the reasons to be highly preferred by a myriad of our clients. A key feature of it being the free preventive health check-ups that are provided to the insured to ensure their continuous health & wellbeing. The policy does not require the people below 45 years of age to undergo a medical test in order to get secured. The plan therefore, encourages the youth to take charge of their health security. Additionally, if the insured doesn’t make any claim, she/he is rewarded with a cumulative bonus of additional 10%-25% of the sum insured upto a maximum of 200% as per the plan opted at the time of renewal.

ICAN Care Insurance (HDFC Ergo)

Addressing the niche and severe domain of cancer, the policy provides for an exhaustive cover for all conventional & advance treatments including chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation. Furthermore, if the cancer detected is within the given severity, the insured is provided an extra 60% of the sum insured, as a lump sum payment. The plan also empowers the insured to battle with the frequently occurring sideeffects caused by cancer treatments. It does so by providing a reimbursement of upto ₹3,000 twice a year, as a follow-up care benefit.

Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy (Star Health Insurance)

A blanket health insurance cover for the entire family, this policy is certainly a hot favourite among our clients because of its several facets including the benefit of having no capping on room rent. It is certainly a one of its kind health insurance plan due to its pioneering offerings such as cover for maternity, automatic restoration and extra cover for air ambulance assistance & domiciliary hospitalisation. Furthermore, this plan also facilitates mid-term inclusion of newly married spouse and new born baby upon payment of an additional premium amount.

Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy (Star Health Insurance)

Designed and crafted exclusively for the senior citizens within in the age group of 60-75 years, this policy provides an allg-emcompasssing cover for a vast range of daycare procedures required in contemporary treatments and important medical interventions. This health insurance plan is offered on an individual/floater sum insured basis. One of its prime highlights is that it doesn’ require the client to undergo a pre-insurance medical checkup in order to opt for the policy.

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Tata AIG Medicare (Tata AIG) – A one-stop solution for all medical emergencies that might come one’s way, this pocket-friendly policy provides a wide range of benefits including global cover and cover for bariatric surgery. The sum insured of this health insurance plan is customisable as per the needs and preferences of the client.

• Family Health Insurance Plan (Care Health Insurance) –

The single cover provided by this health insurance plan takes care of the multiple and varied healthcare needs of the entire family. The policy makes sure that a single premium and a common sum insured safeguards every member of the family during unexpected illness and hospitalisation. This common sum insured, thus caters to the needs of anyone in the family who may need it.

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