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At Health Insurance Guider, we have been working in the Insurance Sector for the last 29 years. We can guide you to the best suitable plan and also assist you in case of any claim.
Now in India, Individual, Family Floater, and Senior Citizen plans are available. There is no Entry age limit in several Companies. The plans can be renewed lifelong with no exit age limit.
Pre-existing Conditions refer to any illness/disease/surgery that has been diagnosed before buying the policy or the person is on regular medication for any disease like Diabetes/Hypertension/Thyroid, etc.
Health Insurance is important rather should be mandatory for any unforeseen medical emergency funding required for you and your family. If you have health insurance you are secure and can undergo any medical treatment in a reputed Hospital without affecting your hard-earned money or savings.
There are 3 waiting periods in every Health Insurance policy.
(a) Initial 30 days - No claims are payable in the first 30 days except claims that arisen due to an accident.
(b) Initial 24 months - Some specific illnesses are covered after 24 months like Stone, Piles, Hernia, Cataract, Gynae Problems, Arthritis, ENT-related problems, Fistula, Migrain, etc.
(c) Initial 36months/48months - If someone is already suffering from any of the diseases before buying the policy or already had undergone some surgery or treatment in the past, then there will be a waiting period of 3 years or 4 years on that particular disease or illness.

Health Insurance Guider helps you in settling your claims because of your long experience in the Insurance sector. There are certain documents required at the time of claim settlement, whether it is cashless or Reimbursement. Sometimes the claims are delayed or rejected due to the unavailability of some of the documents. We guide you accordingly to settle your claims timely.