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Best medical insurance for family in Chennai

The monetary security of your family is fundamental to managing the cost of clinical consideration today.

Family health insurance shields your entire family from clinical debt incurred during a slipperiness on an individual or floater totally protected premise. offers a variety of family health insurance plans with unconfined advantages, including a huge organization of emergency clinics and fast specimen settlement.

What is medical insurance for a family?

A family medical insurance plan is a type of clinical insurance that covers your entire family under a single health plan contract.

Under this, all relatives provide proper total protection on the assumption that not everyone will become ill at the same time. Most family healthcare coverage plans offer credit for

  • only hospitalization,
  • maternity, and
  • pre and post-hospitalization coverage.

Best medical insurance for family Plans in Chennai

To make it more specific for you to buy a medical strategy for your family at,

we have recorded the best medical insurance for family plans from the top health insurance company in Chennai.

Best Health Insurance Company in Chennai:

Care Health :- In Chennai, assuming that you wish to use the Consideration health care coverage plans, you can do as such at emergency clinics like.

  • Apollo Woman’s Clinic Support,
  • B.M. Medical Clinic,
  • Christudas Muscular Specialty Medical Clinic
  • Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Medical Clinic Ltd

    HDFC ERGO: It is one of the best ten medical coverage suppliers in Chennai. HDFC Hence has two branches in Chennai. The organization has associations with north of 247 emergency clinics in Chennai including

  • Annamalai Emergency clinic,
  • Apollo Kids’ Clinic,
  • Apollo Emergency clinics,
  • Amrit Medical Clinic,
  • B M Clinic,
  • B M Emergency clinic,
  • Fortis Malar Medical clinic and so on.

    Star Health Insurance Company:

Its organization of medical clinics incorporates emergency clinics like

Fortis Malar Medical Clinic in Chennai. It has seven branches in Chennai.


Tata AIG is one of the best health insurance company in Chennai. With our means to furnish you with the best administrations, we likewise guarantee that we meet the expanding and new requests.

  • For that reason now you can choose health care coverage that offers worldwide coverage and Coronavirus cover.
  • Likewise, we offer medical coverage plans in Chennai that meet explicit prerequisites.
  • Like, we have family medical insurance, and senior resident health care coverages in Chennai.

Advantages of Purchasing medical insurance for family in Chennai

There are some benefits that covered dependents can enjoy with Family Health Insurance for Family.

For example, you can have all dependents, regardless of age, included as part of a single strategy. Here are the main advantages of family health insurance:

  1. Hospitalization Cost Cover

In the event of hospitalization, the protected relative can only receive cashless treatment. Along these lines, you can get all your relatives qualified to definitely stand out without settling on their treatment.

  1. Get Health care coverage Cover for Guardians in a same policy

Some health insurance plans allow both guardians and parents to be cover under a family health plan at no extra charge.

    3. Reasonable Premium

Since family health insurance plans don’t expect you to pay individual costs for all relatives, you can ensure your domestic partner, child, and legal guardians under a similar arrangement at a reasonable cost.

Still, it has proposed to buy individual well-being cover for your folks considering their age-related medical problems.

    4. Protect New Relatives Without any problem

With family health insurance, you can also insure another for a more charge. Dissimilar to a singular cover, you don’t have to take a new strategy each time there is an expansion to your loved ones. Assuming that you add your folks to a current family health care coverage plan, try to expand your add guaranteed.

   5. Corona-virus Medical coverage for Family

You can buy Medical coverage for Covid to get yourself and your relatives against Coronavirus. All insurance suppliers are offering Covid treatment cover under essential health care coverage plans, Covid explicit arrangement ‘Crown Kavach contract’ has likewise been sent off that takes care of hospitalization costs caused by the treatment of Covid on a floater premise.

   6. Choice to Profit Extra Advantages

Different extra advantages are accessible under family well-being plans, including basic ailment cover, maternity cover, and so forth. Make sure to peruse the strategy terms to be aware of any holding up periods relevant to any extra covers before purchasing the best medical insurance plan for your family.

   7. Tax breaks on medical insurance Charge

Under Segment 80D of the Personal Expense Act, the medical coverage charge was give duty exclusion. Suppose you pay for your family’s and your guardians’ medical expenses, and then you are eligible for tax cuts.

What is covered in a Family Medical coverage Plan?

Investigate the most well-known inclusion that anyone could hope to find under a family health insurance plan:

  • Inpatient Hospitalization Expenses:- All clinical expenses incurred for a hospital stay of more than 24 hours due to an illness or unplanned injury are covered. Day Care Methods Costs are covered for day care methods that need a hospital stay of fewer than 24 hours.
  • Ambulance Expenses – The cost of using an ambulance to transport you to the hospital during a health crisis is covered.
  • Pre- and Post-Hospitalization Expenses:- Clinical expenses incurred before hospitalization (clinical examination, tests, etc.) and after discharge (follow-up counseling, etc.) are also covered for a specified number of days.
  • Maternity Coverage:- Most family health insurance plans provide maternity coverage that covers pregnancy-related expenses and infant expenses.

The GST rate of 18% applies to all financial services as of July 1, 2017.

Disclaimer: Premiums may vary based on factors such as age, location and applicable tax/GST.

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