4 reasons why you should renew your health insurance?

Health Insurance Renewal

Do you know Why we need to Renew our health insurance policy? In this Guide, we are sharing the Importance of Health Insurance Renewal. Renewing your policy will save you any gap in between that is detrimental not only to your insurance coverage but can be critical for avoiding financial setbacks. This will mean the benefit of any existing terms that had been grandfathered in. 

What is health insurance, and how does it help the insured?

Health insurance is a contract where an individual or company assumes to give money in case of the other party’s health expenses. Under this policy, everything from medical and surgical expenses is covered at times. On some occasions, everything includes normal medical expenses, that is, preventative care depending on the policies. The Health Insurance Policy is generally valid for one year, after which the policy is renewable at the will of the policyholder.

The importance of health insurance is as follows:

Financial Protection: Health insurance gives financial protection in case of any unexpected, costly medical emergencies. Definitely, the treatment, without insurance coverage, costs extremely highly and creates a great financial burden or indebtedness to the family.

Access to Care: Generally, access to health care services is better for those insured. Health insurances generally cover a wide range of services that might be financially out of reach for many without coverage; this includes services such as preventive care, major surgeries, and even maternity care or treatment required for chronic illness and conditions.

Preventive Services: Most health insurance plans usually take care of preventive services at no cost to the insured. This includes vaccinations, screenings, and checkups to ensure continued good health and avoid more serious conditions.

Better health outcomes: Health insurance increases the probability of seeking medical attention for patients whenever they need care. This leads to taking an active part in the prevention of diseases and their early diagnostics contribute to proper control of chronic diseases, and, in general, raise the quality of health outcomes.

Importance of Health Insurance Renewal 

Why it is important to renew your health insurance policy is a few that add to your sustained health and financial firmness. Here are some of the key aspects as to why renewing your health insurance is important:

Continuous Coverage

The most important thing to keep in mind while thinking of renewing your health insurance policy is that one should ensure there is no gap in health insurance coverage. Any size of the gap can leave you exposed to high medical costs which you may have to incur at any time for unexpected medical attention. Continuous coverage will make sure that you are always protected from perhaps very high medical bills.

Maintenance of Benefits

Health insurance policies can offer many benefits accruing over time, such as no-claim bonuses or increases in sum assured after a claim-free year. Renewing your health insurance policy on time helps you maintain these accrued benefits. Furthermore, some policies may cover the pre-existing condition after a waiting period that can reset if you switch to a new provider after a lapsed.

Avoidance of Waiting Periods

Most health insurance plans have waiting periods for some types of coverage, such as certain surgeries or treatments in a pre-existing condition. If a policy ever lapsed, and you had to sign up for a new one, then those waiting periods might reset, which means you could go through several months or even years before being covered for those conditions again.

Premium Cost Stability

Renewing your health insurance policy on time is worth it and can actually save you from incurring extra costs. In case of a lapse and re-enrolment of the insurance after some time, then you might be suspect of a higher premium, especially where a health status or age change has occurred. Continuous cover keeps the purchaser from the risk of an unexpectedly high premium.

Consequences of not Renewing your Health Insurance policy on time

The following are some of the consequences of failing to renew your health insurance policy on time:

Termination of CoverageLoss of all health insurance benefits immediately; leaving you responsible for paying full medical costs.

Financial Risk: You run the risk of facing potentially high medical expenses, which can lead to significant financial strain or debt.

Health Risks: You may decide not to seek essential medical care due to cost concerns, which can actually worsen your health conditions over time.

Increase in Premiums: Re-enrolling due to a lapse results in the insurer perceiving greater risk, which calls for increased premiums.

Loss of Benefits: Benefits like coverage for pre-existing conditions and the no-claim bonus will be lost after a lapse.

Administrative HasslesReinstating a lapsed policy or purchasing new coverage can be complex or time consuming.

Things You Need to Keep in Mind at the Time of Renewing Your Health Insurance Policy
  1. Review Your Coverage Needs: Take a few seconds to re-evaluate any new health situations, changes in your family, or financial status since your last renewal. 
  2. Changes in policy terms: There are instances where an insurer may update the terms and benefits; going through the changes will let you ensure the policy still serves its purpose and meets your needs. Look out for changes in the premium rates, coverage limits, inclusions, and exclusions. 
  3. Compare Other Plans: Compare with other available plans to ensure that by renewal time, you are getting the best cover at the most competitive rate. You may secure better deals or perhaps more extensive coverage of the same value. 
  4. Update Personal Information: Make sure that all personal details, such as the address and contact details or any other personal information concerning medical information if available, are updated with the company. 
  5. Avail No-Claim Bonus:If you haven’t lodged any insurance claim in the preceding year, your insurer may offer some sort of bonus in no-claim form with conditions of enhanced coverage or reduced premiums. Find out if it applies to you. 
  6. Consider Add-Ons: Consider the additional cover options which could be critical illness cover, accidental cover, etc., for you to increase your protection.
  7. Renewal Process: Be aware of the process that you will undergo when renewing your policy, and avoid the last-minute rush that could leave your cover lapsing. 
  8. Receipt of Policy Document: Make sure that the received updated policy document is e-mailed to or a hard copy is sent, in case there is no such receipt during the time of renewal. Go through the document carefully, making sure all the discussed changes and updates are adhered to.
How to Renew Your Health Insurance Plan 

You can either renew your health insurance plan online or offline. Here is a small guide for both ways.

Online Renewal

  1. You may want to visit the website of the Insurer: Visit the website.
  2. Review Policy Details: Go over the policy details to ascertain if any update or change of coverage has been made.
  3. Make Payment: Pay the premium through digital payment methods like credit/debit cards, net banking or mobile wallets.
  4. Confirmation: Assure receipt of an acknowledgment for the made payment and a digital copy of the renewed policy via email.

Offline Renewal

  1. Visit the Branch Office or Insurance Agent: You may visit the nearby branch office of your insurance company or the office of an insurance agent to discuss any change or update that you would like to do with your policy.
  2. Payment: Pay the premium amount by Cash, Cheque or UPI Payment.
  3. Receive documents: Hard copies of renewed policy along with receipt of payment made.

Both ensure your coverage will be never without interruption. Pick the one that is most convenient for you at your comfort level.

Which is the best, Mediclaim or Health Insurance? 

In some areas, medical and health insurance could be taken to mean the same thing but could imply different scopes of coverage.

  • Mediclaim: It generally consists of hospitalization and some treatments up to a certain limit but may not include other comprehensive coverage.
  • Health Insurance: Wider coverage of not only post-hospitalization preventive care but also more comprehensive coverage in health services.
How to Choose Health Insurance in India

Few steps to assist you in choosing the right health insurance in India:

1. The Assess Your Needs section: Consider Family health history to pre-existing medical conditions and usual use of health care.

2. Compare Plans: Compare the different health insurance companies, their benefits, coverage, premium prices, and network hospitals.

3. Read reviews: Customer reviews and ratings could give an idea of the quality of service of an insurer.

4. Flexibility: See to it that it offers to update coverage options and adds family members if needed at any given time.

Understanding these aspects of health insurance will help an individual make an informed decision regarding when to renew and manage their health coverage in order to constantly stay covered against high costs of medical care.


Q- When does my Health Insurance Policy expire, and when should I renew it?

A- Most health insurance policies require annual renewal; it is therefore very important for an individual to renew them before they expire to continue receiving the policy benefits. Most of the insurers do remind about the expiration date, but it’s wise to set up for a reminder of your own.

Q- What if I forget to renew it on time?

A- Miss the renewal date, and you may find yourself without your coverage. In most instances, say, 15 to 30 days after the expiry date of the policy, there is a grace period within which one can renew the policy without loss of coverage. The policy, though, won’t cover any medical expenses during this time until the renewal is done.

Q- Can I change my policy at the time of renewal?

A- Yes, upon renewal, changes to the sum insured, addition/removal of members, updating of personal details, etc., may be done. Some changes require underwriting approval from the insurer.

Q- What is the document required for renewal of health insurance?

A- No, documents for renewal of the insurance policy need to be produced unless it is a changed policy. However, it is always better to check with your insurer as the requirements differ.

Q- Will my premium increase at renewal?

A- Premiums may increase with age and due to the effects of medical inflation, and changes in tax laws. The company also reserves the right to revise the premium upwards upon getting an adverse claim experience of the policyholder according to the terms and conditions of the policy.


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